Oh hey there, TCC podcast listener 👋

Jared here — thanks for tuning into my chat with Kira & Rob! I hope that parts of it were helpful.

As promised, I’d like to send you some helpful, zero-sales-pitch resources, like my TCC(n)IRL workshop. Cool?

I also totally get it if you’don’t want to, so here’s at least one of the templates with no opt-in to make sure you don’t leave empty-handed 🙂

At TCC IRL... remember in-person events?!

User Journey Template

This simple worksheet is an easy way to get started with mapping your customer journeys. You can print it out and either write on it or use sticky notes, in case you want to move various sections around.

Service Blueprint Video + Template (Opt-in)

This spreadsheet template was a companion to the workshop I ran at TCC(n)IRL, Rob & Kira’s event. The video recording lets me go more in depth, breaking down what a service blueprint is and how to use the template, too.