"I'm never confident that I'm doing it right... am I just making this stuff up?"

Sadly, this discomfort holds too many of us back from ever trying to tag, segment, and organize an email list.

But here's the thing...

The cleaner and more organized your email list...

... the more targeted and revelant you'll be to your audience

(Which means more $$)

Ah, tech... it's fun, right?

As someone who has paid hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars over the years trying practically every major tech tool out there, let me assure you that overwhelm and frustration are totally normal… 

It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

That’s why I gave this guest workshop, which covers:

How about a no-fluff, zero-cost workshop (and a killer template) to help you get started?

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And just in case you're wondering whether this workshop will be worth your time...

Hyde Phillips
Hyde PhillipsCo-Director, At Home Fitness Ltd.
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It was considerably better than most online trainings I've attended! It could easily have dragged on and been a bit boring, but it was engaging & fun and I loved the real life analogies to help understand the power and potential behind tagging and segmentation.

I think the session itself did exactly what it needed to, and there was nothing in the session that could've been done better - it was really clearly and helpfully explained."
Charlotte Isaac
Charlotte IsaacBusiness Operations Consultant
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I was thinking of creating a Google Sheet to track everything when I move over to AC, so it was great to hear all the examples of what you're using/recommending. That was especially helpful to future proof it to make sure it's working for my biz now and later.

It was really good! You're a great presenter, your slides were super schmick 👌 and I love that it didn't have too many "big ideas". Concise, clear and actionable.
Previous Attendee:
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"It gave me the confidence to at least get started compared to before where I just felt paralyzed with not even knowing where or how to start and avoided my email campaigns as much as possible.

I have tried doing other trainings but they were not helpful at all... just ended up more confused and overwhelmed. This was much more relatable and gave me hope I could one day figure out the world of online email campaigns."
Nicole Baranowski
Nicole BaranowskiFounder, Hairstrong
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I thought that covering one topic ie tagging for the amount of time we had was good instead of going broad into other topics as well.

I thought it was super friendly and open I felt super comfortable participating as it didn't feel like a lecture style type call.

Ready to rock?