Research That Drives Digital marketing results

I teach companies and entrepreneurs how to do customer research, act on the insights, and get more sales.

Here's How I Help You Get More Leads and Sales

Website Optimization

Using my proven, in-depth research process I’ll help you improve conversions on their websites by:

  • Auditing existing landing pages for conversion killers
  • Wireframing and writing new pages
  • Support you through a website redesign

Past results? 

Increasing landing page conversions by 35%.

Content Strategy

Using a repeatable (and research-driven) process, I’ll help your content drive more traffic and leads with: 

  • Audience personas and targeting
  • On-page and site-wide SEO improvements
  • Compelling offers and content-driven CTAs

Past results?

Growing a site from 0 to over 200k monthly visitors.

About Me

I’m obsessed with helping teams get inside the minds of their buyers to find out what they want.

I’ve written content on the web for 10 years now and before I started consulting, I worked in-house in software and agency environments.

I’m Master UX Certified by the world-leading Nielsen Norman Group, with specialties in UX research and Mobile UX, and a Certified Conversion Copywriter by Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers.

“Some text from some kind folks saying some kind words about you and how awesome your are”
Joanna Wiebe

Jared’s that rare person who is capable and knowledgeable across the entire process – from constructing the strategy to executing, analyzing, and improving it.

He’s a great blend of deep thinker and really accessible people person, bringing energy and enthusiasm and matching it with critical thinking and strategy — again, rare.

Amy Posner


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